About Us

Our Products are All Free of:






Egg (if you use an egg replacer when preparing mix)

Hydrogenated Oils

Artificial Ingredients


Top 8 FDA Food Allergens



We believe in keeping things simple! 




Betty’s Story

In 2011, Betty was diagnosed with gluten-and-dairy intolerance. Overnight, everything changed. It became an immediate struggle to find food she could eat, and nearly impossible to find foods that had the normal taste and texture to which she was accustomed. Feeling deprived and frustrated, Betty decided that there had to be a way to make gluten-free eating enjoyable. Craving her mom's good cooking, Betty set out to translate her mom's old southern recipes into being gluten-and-dairy-free. When Betty's gluten-free goodies became a hit at family gatherings, where her family and friends would fight over her gluten-free offerings, Betty knew she was onto something!
During Betty's senior year at UNC Chapel Hill, she decided to enter her baked goods into the Carolina Challenge, a start-up venture competition. After 4 months of competition between over 100 companies, Betty won the hearts of the judges with her Pound Cake and Bread Dough, and took home first place! The competition prize money allowed Betty to form Betty's Better Breads, LLC, now Simply B Gluten Free, and begin sharing her breads and sweets with others struggling with food sensitivities.

Betty hopes to help people with food intolerances enjoy what they eat and not feel deprived!

 Cheers to loving what you eat!

Betty’s Mission

Betty’s mission is to Make Gluten-Free Delicious. 
It's as simple as that. Betty handmakes her products in small batches using the highest quality ingredients. 
Betty strives to use All-Natural, Non-GMO and Organic ingredients where possible!